Reminders and follow-ups

The system can be programmed and customised to send reminders and follow-up emails for various jobs:

  • Voucher not used. A voucher was created but has not been used or booked. Typically this reminder would be sent to the purchaser to remind them to pass on the voucher details to the recipient so they could book their flight.
  • Flight details not added. When a flight is booked out, the system expects a flight or an aborted flight to be added. A follow-up email is sent if no flight details have been added after a certain time.
  • Missing training notes. This is sent to instructors with training notes to fill in.
  • Trial flight follow-up. This is sent to users with the "Air Experience" role after their first flight. Most people take a trial flight for pleasure and have not really thought about taking it further to obtain their license.
  • Student flight follow-up. The aim is to keep students engaged and to not leave it too long before making their next booking. Students learn most efficiently when they take regular lessons.
  • Member flight follow-up. Members who fly regularly represent a lower risk to any aircraft hire damage. The follow-up email is designed to remind members to make their next booking to keep everyone current.
  • Next newsletter overdue. If a newsletter is sent, a reminder can be set up to email the author a certain time after. The intention is to keep a regular newsletter being sent to users.
  • Newsletter created but not sent. If a newsletter is created but not sent, this reminder draws attention to it.
  • Membership renewal. Shortly before the user's renewal date they can receive a reminder to contact the office to pay their membership fees. In response, the office should then edit the user's record and set a revised renewal date.
  • Medical renewal. Shortly before a user's medical renewal date, they can receive a reminder.
  • Revalidation. Shortly before a user's revalidation date, they can receive a reminder. This should be set far enough in advance that the user can book any training they need to complete in advance of the revalidation.
  • Overdue balance reminder. A customer has an overdue amount. This is an amount that has been invoiced, and the due date has passed without a payment.