The system maintains a list of all your aircraft. These can be made available to book in the booking system, and can also be displayed as a web page to give people information about an aircraft they may be considering flying. The list of aircraft is displayed by clicking the Aircraft tab shown in the primary links area:

Aircraft tab

To add a new aircraft, see Adding a new aircraft.

To view more information about a particular aircraft, click the registration in the list. This shows a summary tab for the aircraft:

Aircraft tabs

Changing aircraft details

To change the details of an aircraft, click the Settings tab. The form contains the same fields as described in Adding a new aircraft.


The Bookings tab shows bookings for this aircraft only. It can be useful to see these if bookings need to be switched to a different aircraft, for example if an aircraft is unavailable. The page allows for bookings to be bulk-edited, by selecting all bookings and using the option "With selection...". When a booking is changed, each user affected by the change receives an email with the change and the new booking details.

Aircraft availability

Unlike instructors, aircraft are normally always available. But to allow for those times when an aircraft may be grounded, you can make it unavailable for a period of time. To do this, click + Make unavailable and complete the form. Doing so adds a new entry into the list of periods the aircraft is unavailable to book but does not cancel any existing bookings. You can view the list of periods the aircraft is unavailable by clicking the Availability tab.


The Maintenance tab is visible to users with either the Instructor, Office staff, Engineer or Owner role.

Aircraft Log

The Log tab shows the aircraft log which contains a full list of every flight, service, inspection and added notes. All members can view the aircraft log and can add notes to the log as described in the user guide under Aircraft log.