Flight School Booking is developed, owned and maintained by Connected Apps Ltd.

It was conceived late 2015 with the concept to consolidate the various IT systems needed by a typical flight school:

  • Booking system
  • Training record system
  • Newsletter publishing
  • Student billing (card payments)
  • Voucher sales & management
  • Aircraft maintenance scheduling
  • Safety management & reporting
  • Log books


We would especially like to thank David Young of Kemble Flying Club, who provided advice and feedback during the development of this product. We contacted a few other schools while in the early stages for more ideas and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

About our customers

The system has now spread from small beginnings in UK and now has customers as far away as Australia.

About our architecture

If you're used to paper, you may be wondering whether your data is safe in an online service. Have a look at our system architecture to find out!

About our developer

Our developer, Mathew Waters, is an active member of Kemble Flying Club, based at Cotswold Airport ("Kemble") in UK, having learned to fly 3-axis microlights over the course of 2015 under expert instruction from David Young, Tom Hay, Mike Oakley and Ron Gutfeld. He enjoys flying almost as much as creating software and regularly takes the TeamEurostar EV-97, Skyranger Swift2 and the Ikarus C42 out for a spin*.

  * (Not a spin)

Mathew has a long history of software development stretching back to 1982, programming in assembler for the 6502 and Z80, embedded systems and on to desktop, iOS and web development. Independent since 2009, he created successful bookkeeping and accounting applications for Apple's Mac and iOS platforms and has a strong background in financial software development.