The platform provides an integrated newsletter system which allows you to keep in touch with your members. You create a newsletter as a new content item, much like you would a new aircraft or instructor page. Once done, you decide which groups of people you want to send the newsletter to. Once you send the newsletter, it becomes published online to users with permission to view it.

Why send a newsletter?

A monthly newsletter keeps members in touch with what is happening at the club. You may find the number of bookings increases as people are reminded to fly, especially if they have "dropped off the radar" and need a nudge to bring them back! As an example, the newsletter could contain things like:

  • Any changes to club rules.
  • Information about existing and new aircraft.
  • New instructors.
  • Recent GST passes or first solos.
  • Related aviation news.


Note: Only users with the Office staff or Owner roles can create newsletters.

To create a new newsletter or to view previous newsletters (including work in progress), click + Add content on the content page. To find the content page, click the Admin tab, followed by Content.

Add a new newsletter

The "Content" page displays a list of all pages in the booking system. All content, whether aircraft, instructor or newsletter is listed and you can quickly access it from here if you want to make changes. If you want to work on a newsletter you have not yet sent, you will find it listed. To filter the list to show only newsletters, set the Type to "Newsletter" and click Filter. To edit a newsletter, click the Edit button shown to the right of each item in the list.

Alternatively, to create a new newsletter, click the button + Add content and choose Newsletter as the content type. The following fields should be set:

  • Subject. This is the subject line of the email newsletter and the title of the page when the newsletter is viewed online.
  • Body. The body text of your newsletter. You can use the formatting buttons at the top of the edit box to choose text styles, insert images and links. When adding images, make sure the image is already formatted to 600 pixels wide. This size works well in email and also online.
  • Email signature. You can use this field to set your standard signature for newsletters. It could contain your name, position, contact address and phone number(s). This field is stored against your user account, and once you have set it up, it will be pre-filled for all future newsletters. The signature field is only sent in the email version of the newsletter and is not shown to the public or when the newsletter is viewed online.


You can write a newsletter ahead of time, and you don't have to write it from beginning to end: you can save your progress and come back to it later. Saving the newsletter leaves it unpublished, it only becomes published once it is sent to a group of users. To save the newsletter, click Save.

Note: Newsletters are stored for a maximum of 30 days and automatically deleted. To get a reminder sent to you by email before this happens, use the config settings under Admin > Reminders and follow-ups.

The newsletter is displayed on a pink background to indicate it has not been published yet, as shown below.

An unpublished newsletter

If you want to leave the newsletter as work in progress and finish it later, you can find it again from the "Content" screen as described already. Just click Content under the manage section of the toolbar. To make changes to the newsletter, click the Edit tab shown in the screenshot above. To delete a newsletter, click the Delete tab.

How do I send a test email first?

When the newsletter is ready, we recommend sending a test email first to check it looks okay.

To do this, click the button marked + Send newsletter shown above the content tabs. On the next screen, choose Send a test message and fill in your email address.

Send a test email

Click Send to send the newsletter to this single address. The newsletter remains unpublished and is only sent to the address you specify. You can view the email on your device or computer to check it looks good before sending to your members.

How do I send the newsletter?

Choose Publish and send as the publishing option and choose the users you want the newsletters to be sent to. For example, you might want to target the newsletter toward current students.

Once you're ready, click Send and the newsletter is queued for delivery to all users who have one of the roles selected. Delivery starts after a few minutes and continues to run in the background until all emails have been sent. The newsletter is available to view online immediately and a new tab labelled Sent to appears to show who it was sent to.

Where do replies go?

If anyone relies to the email, you will receive them to the email address specified as the site email address (under AdminBasic settings). All emails are sent from the domain and are digitally signed to improve chance of successful delivery.

Can members unsubscribe?

Yes. Each email contains a unique token which a recipient can click on to unsubscribe instantly. This is equivalent to them logging in, and de-selecting the checkbox in their account page under Receive newsletter. If someone opts to unsubscribe, they may not remember their log in details and may want to simply unsubscribe quickly without retrieving their account details first. The link is designed to allow them to do this with the minimum of effort and should reduce the chance of people flagging your newsletter as spam.

Member's wishes should be respected and once a member has unsubscribed, they should not be re-subscribed without asking their permission. It is best to leave the notification settings to members to manage themselves.