API Access

There is an API for read-only access to bookings and aircraft booked out.

You might find API access useful if you need to extend the system for yourself. For example:

  • Automatically send an email to staff near the end of the day if there are any out of hours flights booked. This could be used to make sure the aircraft keys are left out instead of being locked up.
  • Show today's bookings on a screen in the office. You should consider whether to expose member's names to other people (the system hides other member names unless they have opted in to being contacted).
  • Extract billing transactions and transfer them to your bookkeeping package, e.g. Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB.



The API uses simple authentication. The tokens are managed in Admin > API Access, which means they can be set up independently of your users. Therefore they do not depend on staff leaving the business. The token is a long string which looks something like "fb1f233e08aeef0a213dc87cea70cedbd7dbcd0a2229cac4f64e14e3c462cc8e". For each token you can grant access to different parts of the system, for example you could grant access for an application to read which aircraft are booked out, but not grant access to your billing system.

When making a request, include an authorisation header containing your token, for example:

curl -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer fb1f233e08aeef0a213dc87cea70cedbd7dbcd0a2229cac4f64e14e3c462cc8e" https://acme.flightschoolbooking.com/club/bookings


Parameters can be sent in the query string, e.g.


Response format

Responses are returned in JSON.

When a URL is included in an object's output, you can use this URL  as an endpoint to re-read the same object. This means you can follow the progress of a specific booking or booked out record if you need to.