Logo and colour scheme

Use the Logo and colour scheme option to change the look of your site. You can change the logo displayed in the top left corner as well as the colour scheme. If your club has its own logo or branding style, you may wish to customise your booking system.

To customise the site, click the Admin tab followed by Logo and colour scheme.

Logo and colour scheme

Changing your site logo

You can change the logo by uploading a new one using the Choose file button in the Logo section.

Use the Choose file button to upload your own logo. It is a good idea to prepare the logo first using whatever image editing software you normally use. A PNG format image with transparent background and white foreground works well, with a size of 160 x 160 pixels. For the ultimate image quality, use an SVG format image. This image format does not use pixels, instead it defines an image using vectors which can be scaled up to any size.

Changing the colour scheme

You can choose one of the built-in colour schemes, or you can manually set your own colours using either the HTML colour or the colour picker. You can do this for elements such as header, background, link and text colours.

Once changes have been made, click Save to make the changes permanent.