The integrated billing system is simple to set up, yet is designed to be very flexible and powerful. It can take care of all your invoicing and card payments (with little or no work from you). It chases up customers for non-payment automatically, and gives everyone their own Bills & payments tab, where they can instantly see exactly what they owe or the amount still left to spend in their account.

Why use our billing system instead of monthly invoices?
  • Fully automated invoicing and payments, no more messing about with paper invoices or working out how much to charge.
  • Much improved cashflow. No more waiting for cash your business could be using.
  • Customers love seeing their invoice immediately (perhaps this is unexpected!).
  • Monthly bills can be large amounts; this might make them reconsider making their next booking.
  • Save time by entering summary data into your bookkeeping software instead of every invoice and payment.


This page describes the main Billing tab in the system. Are you looking for information about how to set up the billing system?


The Billing tab shows the balance for each customer with a transaction in their account. The balance is split to show the amount overdue separately from their total balance.

You can use this page to get a quick view on the amounts outstanding. The page shows the highest debt at the top, though zero and on to any pre-paid accounts at the bottom as shown in the example:

Billing tab showing balances for some students


The rows are highlighted as follows:

  • Red: Customers with overdue balances
  • Amber: Customers with a debt amount, and no stored card details
  • Green: Customers with a debt and stored card details


You may also notice the secondary tab labelled All transactions. As the name suggests, this shows a list of all transactions across all customer accounts. This page still shows a balance column, but because it lists all customers the balance represents the total credit balance at the time. Therefore the balance in the top row in this list shows the total amount owed by the  school to its customers (if positive) or the total amount owed by customers to the school (if negative).

To view a customer's account in detail, click their name in the first column. From the customer's account page you can do things like add invoices, credits, make payments (if the customer is sitting with you) or just record their card details for future payments.