Each new booking system is installed with defaults set to get up and running quickly. This allows you to test the system out with the minimum amount of time invested. Settings you may want to change are available in the Configuration page. This and other administration pages are available by clicking the Admin tab as shown:

Admin tab

As you can see, the Administration page simply links to the following pages:

  • Plan & payments. This page is used to view your invoices for use of the booking system, as well as to change your payment details.
  • Content. Find, create and manage content such as aircraft and recent newsletters. Creating content such as aircraft and newsletters is covered elsewhere in the manual.
  • Configuration. Change system settings, such as the club name, logo, colour scheme, email address and booking hours.
  • People. Find, create and manage user accounts (members, instructors, office staff and so on). This link has the same effect as clicking the People tab and is described in Searching for a user and Adding a new user.


We suggest just using the system to make a practice booking to start with. You could then book the flight out, record the flight details and some training notes. Once you're happy the system will work well for you, please take some time to check the settings are correct.

You may want to customise the look of the site including the logo. For details about how to do this, see Logo and colour scheme. To change settings, click Configuration followed by one of the available pages shown. These are described in each link (see navigation links on the left or below).