Flight log and aircraft

The settings for the flight log define the units to use when displaying airframe and engine times in lists, the default taxiing times, home airfield location and out of hours notifications.

Pilots are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of information entered such as the flight start and stop times, engine hours and airframe hours. To aid, the system uses the engine hours together with the settings for Default taxiing time and Default time resolution to fill in the airframe duration for pilots. This only works if there is a good network connection while the pilot is filling in the flight details. Pilots should always check the times they are submitting.

The home location should be set to the name of your airfield (as you would record it in your logbook). This is used to default fields such as the place of departure when booking out.

If you operate any flights outside airfield operational hours, your airfield operator might require a list of these flights for billing or logging purposes. If so, you can fill in the details under Out of hours and the system will notify the email address you choose just after the start of operational hours. You can edit the template email sent to this email address to suit. If you want to check the content of these emails, you could have them delivered to yourself, then forward it to your airfield operations later.