Document storage

Document storage is available for you to upload files and associate them with a user account, group of users or an aircraft.

In addition to storage, the system maintains an expiry date for each document, and displays a colour coded list in a customer's Summary tab. This can be useful for checking (for example) you have their latest pilot licence, medical and signed agreements stored. You can configure the system to prevent members from booking out if any key documents are expired.

You can upload files such as PDFs, images and other documents. They attach to people, aircraft or a shared area.

To get started, first turn on the feature in Admin > Document storage.

User documents appear in a Documents tab in their account. This tab displays shared and aircraft documents too, so a customer can be directed to check their Documents tab for all relevant documents they might need.

User documents are available in their account

Users you have allowed to log in can view the documents you have stored in their account page, plus any shared documents you have made available to groups of people.

Shared documents are a special case where you can also pick groups of people. Upload and manage your shared documents from the People > Documents tab. You might want to use this area for documents such as Club rules, Airside rules, and Membership forms for download.

Shared documents are managed via the People tab

You can even upload from your phone, so for example if you need to add a temporary membership form to someone's account, you can tap Upload and choose the camera.

Aircraft documents

For aircraft, you could consider uploading its insurance, permit, certificate of registration, radio licence, checklist and handbook. This makes the documentation available to pilots and students. Should they be asked to produce it, they can simply log in and view the documents on their phone screen.

Aircraft documents work a similar way to user documents, they appear on each aircraft's Documents tab and everyone with access to the aircraft can view them.

Aircraft documents

Security & privacy

Users can view documents linked to their own account or to any aircraft, but nobody else's. Instructors, office staff and the owner can view, edit and delete any document.

When you upload a new document into a user's account, if no expiry date is set, it is stored for an additional 2 years 6 months after activity stops for that user. That means once the user stops making bookings, flying or receiving invoices, the system respects the general principals of GDPR and automatically deletes the associated documents, which may help your own compliance. The period chosen satisfies the CAA requirement to maintain training records for two years, allowing students to transfer schools.

You can also find new Documents tabs under Aircraft and People. These list all documents and of course you can search using the filter.