Safety reporting

This page is only available to users with the Owner or Safety Management Staff roles. It shows the settings for the safety reporting system, including the option to turn it on or off. To reach it, use the Admin tab.

Admin > Safety reporting

System availability

Normally the system will be made available to anyone who can log in, so they can report on safety related issues. We do not recommend making the system available to the public unless you need to, because despite our anti-spam technology, inevitably some gets through.


First off, anyone reporting without a log in to use the system will be classed as the public. The public are treated slightly differently because the system cannot authenticate their name or email address. Any reports submitted by the public are always treated as confidential initially, meaning they are only visible by staff. They also receive no email confirmation of the submitted report.

Note: The general public cannot see any existing reports, and they can only submit a report if you explicitly allow it.

For people with a log in, you can allow them to choose between submitting their report confidentially or in the open. Confidential reports are only visible to staff, but open reports can be viewed by anyone with a log in on the system. When using this setting, be respectful of the users choice to report confidentially by leaving the report visible only to staff. If you need to add anyone to the circulation list, be aware the originator may not be expecting it to be shared in this way, you may want to check with them first!

You can also remove this choice from the user's form, forcing all reports to be submitted privately to staff only, or made in the open and visible to other users who can log in. When reports are submitted privately, the originator is not choosing to report confidentially and you can use your own judgement as to whether the report should be made visible to other users in the interests of safety.

The default setting it to send reports privately. You may decide to leave the system this way, and triage the reports, making some visible but not others.

Making reports visible to other users may improve safety by keeping people informed. For example, if a pilot checks the recent safety reports for the aircraft they have booked, they may see that someone reported low tyre pressure. This could lead them to double-check the pressure where they might only inspect visually. It could be that the tyre has a slow puncture and although not an issue for short flights, an overnight rental could lead to the pilot returning with the tyre pressure too low. It also helps pilots see patterns developing, for example one aircraft is more regularly being topped up with oil.


There are two built-in recorders for "Injuries" and "Damage". Each recorder stores a level from this list: Unknown, None, Minor, Major and Catastrophic. You can choose the name of the recorder, change the label for each level and add a description for the recorder itself plus all the levels it supports. This allows you to tailor the form and collect more information (such as "damage to reputation") and give the user enough information to be able to choose between the options.


When a report is submitted, the originator chooses a reason for the report from a list. This tab allows you to set up this list, and you can rearrange the order to suit.

There are some built in reasons for reporting which you can edit to suit your own system. Once a report has been submitted that uses a reason, it is no longer possible to change its name, but you can always delete a reason without affecting previous reports. You can add new reasons too, which you may need to do if people frequently choose "Other" and give their own.

Contributing factors

Each report asks the user to identify any contributing factors, such as "weather", "fatigue", "time pressure" and so on. You can edit this list yourself, adding or removing as you like.


The system allows you to set the Reply-To field for emails to a dedicated address you might be using for safety management. If you don't have one, leave this field blank and the system setting is used.

If you like, you can add a BCC address to all emails sent by the safety reporting system. This address is not revealed to end-users, again be mindful if you are allowing people to choose to report confidentially.

The rest of this form allows you to tailor up the emails sent by the system when a report is submitted, updated or closed.