Basic settings

Use Basic settings to set the name of your site and your email address. Note you can also change the logo displayed in the top left corner using the Logo and colour scheme option.

To reach this page, click the Admin tab followed by Basic settings.

  • School name. This is displayed next to the logo in the top banner and appears in emails sent from the system.
  • Email address. Emails are sent from the domain and are digitally signed (DKIM) to improve delivery rates. The address you specify here sets the "reply to" address. Anyone replying to an email from the system will send replies to this address. You may wish to use an unmanned address such as "do-not-reply@..." or you might want to have all replies delivered to an email address in your office. Since these may often be related to bookings we recommend using a real email address to ensure you receive them.
  • Website. This is displayed to your customers on vouchers. There is no need to use the full http or https://, just use your web address that your customers will recognise, for example "".


The Locale section is used to select your country and the first day of the week. This makes a difference to how numbers and currency amounts are displayed.

Location & time zone

The system takes into account your time zone when presenting flight times. For example, if you are based in UK, choose London so all times are shown in UK local time. You can also choose UTC at the bottom of the list if you refer to all times as Zulu, but note students usually prefer to deal in local time, especially when making bookings.

The location name is transferred to personal logbooks and should be used to identify the aerodrome. You can use either the name or four letter ICAO code.

There are latitude and longitude fields which are used to determine the sunrise and sunset times. These times are shown beneath the booking form and can be useful for students and members when booking weeks in advance. The system can calculate these times for any location on Earth and any date in the future.