Frequently asked questions

How do I reimburse fuel receipts?

When someone pays for fuel using their personal money, you can use the system to pay them back. You will need the original receipt for fuel because you will account for this in your books. The process only works if the customer is willing to receive the money in their flying account (reducing their next invoice amount). If you and your customer agree a cash exchange for the receipt this is outside Flight School Booking and does not appear in their account. You should account for the cash yourself and should not enter any information about the receipt into Flight School Booking.

How do I transition from another system?

If you're moving to Flight School Booking from another system (even if it's paper) you will want to handle the transition carefully.


To migrate from another system, you can set up the aircraft, instructors and users ahead of time. For users, you can even import them in bulk from a CSV file if you have one. This can be used to send everyone a welcome email, or you can leave that step and simply use the system to send a newsletter to everyone telling them about how to get started with their account.

Can I try the system out first?


In fact we prefer it that way. You can try the system out yourself for 14 days FREE.

There's no risk for you, just register for an account and we will be in touch to set up your trial system.

The trial system is not limited in any way just and runs as if you have the Gold Plan subscription. You can create students, members, aircraft or instructors and experiment with how to make a booking, book out an aircraft, record the flight details and write up some training notes.