User management

The booking system maintains a list of users, classed as members, instructors, office staff and so on. This classification is defined by which role or roles a user has.

Note: Only users with the InstructorsOffice staff or Owner roles are able to search for users and add new ones into the system.

Roles are linked to a set of permissions that define what a user can view and change in the system. A user can be assigned more than one role such as Owner and Instructor. Similarly, an user with the Engineer role may also be learning to fly as a Student. For more details about the roles available, see Roles.

It is possible to add a user who will not have access to the system themselves. This is useful for people taking a trial flight, as you can enter their contact details (etc) and make the booking on their behalf. When users become students or members, you can allow them access to the system so they can view their own bookings, logbook and training notes.

Allowing your users to make their own bookings

To give a student or member access to the system, be sure to select the option "Can the user access the system". The user will set their own password using the process described in the user guide under "Getting Started".