Safety reporting

The system allows people to submit safety reports. To configure this feature, see Admin > Safety reporting.

A safety report collects the following information:

  • Name and email of person submitting the report (or can choose to report anonymously)
  • Date and time
  • Title and full details
  • Location
  • Reason for the report (configurable in Admin)
  • Aircraft and phase of flight
  • Contributing factors (configurable in Admin)
  • Injuries, Damage (configurable in Admin)
  • Frequency of occurrence
  • Suggested action


In addition, when a report is submitted as part of adding flight details, the report is linked to the flight record. This means the departure, destination, POB etc. are recorded without needing to re-input the same information.

Once a report has been submitted, its access is restricted and can only be viewed or changed by certain people.

Group Access
General public Cannot view any reports. Can only submit if you allow them to under Admin > Safety reporting.
Owner View, edit or close any report (incl confidential reports). Add any user to circulation list.
Safety Management Staff View, edit or close any report (incl confidential reports). Add any user to circulation list. Receive notifications when reports are submitted, updated or closed.
Office staff View open and closed reports, except for confidential ones. Can edit own report until first update. Can access settings under Admin > Safety reporting.
Students, Members, etc. View own reports plus open reports (except confidential ones)
Additional users added to circulation View and add comments

Using the settings under Admin > Safety reporting you can choose who can submit safety reports (disabled, staff only, anyone who can log in or everyone).


When a new report is submitted, everyone in the Safety Management Staff role are notified by email. The originator also receives a confirmation email if they are logged in. No emails are sent to the general public because open systems are often abused by spammers submitting other people's email addresses.

Note: Only the Safety Management Staff role is notified when a safety report is updated or closed.

Users are able to unsubscribe from safety notifications, but still remain in the Safety Management Staff group. This may suit people who regularly check the list of reports for any new ones, but do not want to receive a notification when the report is submitted or updated.

Adding comments

Anyone with access to view an open safety report can also add a comment to it if they wish. Comments are visible to anyone with access to view the report itself.

Additional circulation

The circulation can be expanded to other users who cannot otherwise view the report. This can be useful when a report is confidential (visible to the owner and safety manager) because additional named users can be added to the circulation. These additional users are notified when the report is updated or closed just like the Safety Management Staff group, but they do not inherit extra rights to edit the report themselves or to close it. People would typically be added to the circulation list in order for them to comment on the report while it remains confidential.

Closing a report

Only people in the Safety Management Staff or owner roles can close a report.

Once a report is closed, the report is no longer shown in lists, but the original link to the report is still valid, so people can still revisit a report from a link they received by email.