Aircraft log

The aircraft log records details about each flight. But as well as flights it also records other types of information. The following types of entry can be recorded in the aircraft technical log:

  • Flight. Records the flight's start and finish times and the engine hour meter readings.
  • Aborted flight. If the engine is started but the flight is aborted, record the engine hours.
  • Notes. Members can add notes to the aircraft log, for example to record when daily inspections were completed.
  • Airframe service. An engineer will record airframe service information, detailing the work carried out and when the next service is due.
  • Engine service. An engineer will record engine service information, detailing the work carried out and when the next service is due.
  • Annual inspection. When an annual inspecion of the aircraft is carried out, details of any faults found are detailed in the notes.


The technical log is visible in the following places:

  • Each aircraft's Log tab.
  • All flights tab (primary links).
  • Each member's My flights tab.


Viewing the log for an aircraft

To view the technical log for an aircraft, you can either find the aircraft in the public list via the Aircraft tab and click the Log tab, or you can click All flights and filter the list by aircraft. You can also filter the list by date and by the type of entry.

When the list is filtered by aircraft, an expandable section appears marked Maintenance. This contains details of the last service and when the next service is due. If a service is overdue, the rows are highlighted to draw attention to them.

To find out when the last annual inspection was carried out, use the Filter section to select the aircraft, then choose 'Annual inspection' for the Type of entry. Click the Filter button to update the page with the new filter.

Viewing your own flights

To view flights you have made, click Account followed by My flights. The list shows flights and aborted flights linked to your username.

Exporting information

The records shown can be exported in CSV format, simply click the button below the list marked Download CSV.

Adding an entry to the aircraft log

Some options such as servicing and annual inspections are restricted to engineers and office staff. But as a member you can add notes to an aircraft log, which may be useful if you want to record when you carried out a daily inspection or found/fixed an issue relating to the aircraft.

To add a note, find the aircraft via the Aircraft tab in the main navigation tab set. Then click Log to display the log for that aircraft. The action buttons appear on this page. Click + Add a note to add a note.

To add flight details, first find the booking out record. This page contains a button marked + Add flight details.