The system can keep track of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Use of these features is optional; you can choose to keep paper or other electronic records instead and the other processes in Flight School Booking will work without maintenance or service records.

If you choose to use the system to track maintenance, you can configure various items on a schedule for each aircraft.

Example maintenance schedule for an aircraft

You can view the maintenance schedule by clicking the Maintenance tab for an aircraft.

The schedule lists each maintenance item (for example, "50 hour / 6 month check") and each can be due by either a due date or aircraft hours. The interval for each is programmable, as are rules about how to handle the next due hours if an item is completed earlier or later than due. A simple traffic light based system can be used to highlight items coming near their due date/hours. Reminder emails can be sent to a user in the system when the status changes.