Adding a new aircraft

Note: Only users with the Office staff or Owner roles can add aircraft.

To add a new aircraft, click Aircraft in the primary links area, followed by Add a new one on the page. Fill in the details as required.

To remove an aircraft and make it no longer available, click the aircraft, then click the Availability tab. You can choose to make an aircraft unavailable for bookings for a set period, or unpublished it, which hides the aircraft from other users. Note you can still access the aircraft details via the Admin tab in primary links, followed by Content. This allows you to re-publish an aircraft if you unpublished by mistake, or if the aircraft was unavailable for an extended period (e.g. repair).


When adding a new aircraft, the following fields should be set:

  • Registration. To enable users to identify the aircraft.
  • Aircraft Type. Member's logbooks and training notes both contain a summary of hours on type. Set the aircraft type here, for example, EV-97 or PA-28.
  • Maximum POB. The system will apply validation when flights are booked out, one of the checks being the number of people on board.
  • Visibility. Choose which customers can making bookings and view the log.
  • Fitted with Hour Meter. If the aircraft has an hour meter, the counter values are collected for each flight. Otherwise, the total engine time is calculated using the total flight time.
  • Logged hours (how to accumulate). The aircraft total hours increase by the difference in hour meter reading or in step with the airframe. Some engines cannot be logged in this way, notably Rotax and you should check with your service manual before changing this setting.


To set the total hours (engine and airframe), navigate to the Log tab and click Engine update or Airframe update.

How do I record flights in members own aircraft?

One option would be to create a new aircraft each time, making it unavailable after the flight. But you might also consider just adding one aircraft with the registration "Other". When booking out, the system collects the type and registration.