Aircraft you add to the system are made available for bookings, but you can make them unavailable either for an extended period, or temporarily. To make an aircraft unavailable, find the aircraft in the list on the Aircraft tab, or via Admin > Content. Click the registration followed by the Availability tab:

Availability tab
If periods have been set up already, these are listed in the table. You can make changes by clicking the time period shown in the first column.

To make the aircraft unavailable, click Make unavailable.

Make an aircraft unavailable

Overall availability

For periods when an aircraft is unavailable and known in advance, you can add the period based on the date range, together with notes that are shown to users trying to book that aircraft. Adding a period of unavailability like this is suitable for maintenance or times when repairs are necessary. The aircraft is still visible in the booking system, so users can view the notes and can see when the aircraft is expected to become available.

Sometimes you might want to hide an aircraft completely from users of the booking system. Rather than setting up a date range and adding some explanatory notes, you simply un-publish the aircraft. Typically this would be because the aircraft has been sold and will never become available.

Note: If you make an aircraft hidden it is removed from the Aircraft tab. If you need to find this aircraft again, you can find it under Admin > Content. From there, if you want to make it available again, use the Availability tab.

Make unavailable from... until

These fields are used when you want to make the aircraft unavailable for a fixed period.


Any notes you enter here are displayed to users making bookings at the bottom of the list of time periods:

Notes shown on booking form