Recording servicing

This feature is only available to certain users, typically engineers and the owner can add service records.

The process for adding a service record is similar to adding a note as described in the user guide. First find the aircraft log. The quickest way to find an aircraft is from the Aircraft tab under Primary Links. But if you have some aircraft unpublished and not shown on the Aircraft tab, the best way to locate the aircraft record is to search as follows. Click the Admin tab followed by Content.

Search for aircraft

On the content screen, set the type to "Aircraft" and click Filter.

Note: You can of course type the aircraft registration into the Title field to find an aircraft by its registration. The steps above will list all aircraft in your club or school.

Click on the link to the aircraft shown under the Title column. This displays the aircraft tabs (Summary, Settings, Bookings, Availability, Maintenance and Log).

If you have already defined the maintenance task in the schedule you can view which items are due using the Maintenance tab. This is the best method for scheduled maintenance.

If you want to record a service that was not carried out as part of scheduled maintenance, click the Log tab to view the aircraft log.

Add service button

The screen shows the complete list of entries made in the aircraft log and includes flights, notes, services and inspections. To add a new airframe or engine service record, click + Unscheduled service. If this button is not shown on the page, you do not have access to this feature.

Airframe service

In the Notes field, add a description of the work carried out, including parts replaced for other members to view. As an example, you may wish to record whether tyres or brakes were replaced.

For an airframe service you should find an Airframe section.

Check the current Airframe hours and modify if necessary. The system does not report gaps or overlaps for service entries.

Engine service

In the Notes field, record the work carried out. For example, you may have changed the oil and the spark plugs.

For engine services you should find an Engine section. The Engine hours at start is taken from the last entry in the log and should match the value displayed on the aircraft engine hours meter. If the engine is run as part of the service, note the actual hours displayed on the meter and type the value into Engine hours after shut down.