Members can quickly and easily book either an aircraft or instructor (or usually both). The system keeps track of all the bookings and will of course prevent double-bookings.

Everyone can view a list of their upcoming bookings, both in list form on the site and as a calendar. Calendars are published by the system using the webcal specification and can be viewed in mobile devices, Outlook and so on. They are updated automatically as more bookings are made, so provide a handy way of viewing bookings as they come up. See Upcoming bookings for more details.

iPhone 6 showing bookings as a calendar

Members will typically book time slots in advance, then arrive a short time before the start of the booking. They will then book out the aircraft direct from the booking page. When members return from their flights, the system links everything together, from initial booking through to aircraft technical logs, training log and the member and instructor electronic log books.