Booked out page

The 'Booked out' page shows all booked aircraft currently booked out. To open the page, click the Booked out tab shown in the primary links (main navigation) area.

The list is useful if...

  • You arrive for your booking and find the aircraft has not returned. The list shows who last booked the aircraft out, the destination, number on board and their ETA Return (estimated time of return).
  • You booked out, returned from flying and need to enter flight details. Clicking the entry under the time column displays the Booked out details screen.
  • You want to check to see if any flights have been left booked out by mistake. Members should enter flight details in order to "book back in". If this step is forgotten, the aircraft will appear as booked out. Instructors may use this screen to make sure all flights are recorded. The system will also send a reminder to whoever booked the flight out a short time after the ETA Return.


By default the page shows aircraft that have been booked out and have not returned. But it is possible to filter the list to show all aircraft movements, movements for a particular aircraft and movements between certain dates.