Adding a new entry

Note: Only instructors should add training records. Students can view their record in their Training tab.

You may have already arrived at this page via a reminder sent to you if there are incomplete training records. In this case the page will show just the entries that need attention. All the incomplete records are displayed, including those for other instructors to fill in. Be careful to find the correct record in the list, and click on the date and time shown in the Start time column.

You can also reach this screen by clicking Training in the main navigation area.

Either click on the date and time shown in the Start time column to fill in training information for a flight, or click + Add ground school. Adding a ground school training record is similar to adding a flight training record except you must complete the start and finish time and choose the student.

Clicking a record that has already been completed will display the summary page for the entry. The standard View, Edit and Delete tabs allow the record to be edited or deleted. It is possible to delete training notes, although this should be rarely - if ever - used. Usually the Edit tab will be used to correct a previous entry.

Clicking a record that is incomplete (a highlighted row) will take you directly to the Edit page.

Filling in the training record is quite self-explanatory. The flight details are displayed for reference and the following fields are displayed:

  • Student. The student will already be selected based on the information entered in the booking out form. If this is incorrect it indicates an earlier error that ought to be corrected. For ground school records, type the name of the student.
  • Operating capacity. Choose under which capacity the student was operating the flight. Usually this is PUT (Pilot under Training).
  • Instructor. The instructor will already be selected in most cases, but if you are entering notes on behalf of another instructor, select the instructor conducting the flight.
  • Exercises. This field is free text, but we suggest noting the exercise numbers covered in training in a consistent way.
  • Notes. This field is also free text and should be completed with details on how well the exercises were completed, any issues that were identified during the flight and some guidence on what to expect to cover in the next lesson. This last point will help both the student and another instructor reviewing the student's notes.


When the form is complete, click Save to save the record. The summary screen showing the training log entered is usually displayed after for review.

Note: When a training record linked to a flight is saved, the associated logbooks of both instructor and student are updated.