The following flying schools have written to us to share their experience using the system.

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Laura Hughes, Compton Abbas Airfield

Compton Abbas Airfield logoFlight School Booking has made our admin one hundred percent easier! All our student records, licence and medical dates, reporting, billing in one place PLUS our students and solo hirers are so happy to be able to book lessons remotely. Instructors can also log in from home and see their schedule and student notes from home which makes the whole operation much smoother.

Cecilia Bailey, Cambridge Aero Club

Cambridge Aero Club LogoWe’re always looking to squeeze as much flying as possible out of a given day here at Cambridge Aero Club, and electronic booking systems are just so much more efficient than paper ones!
We loved the idea of being able to access bookings from anywhere, for students to snap up free slots as soon as they became available, and for seamless email confirmations so everyone would know where they should be and when. We looked for a booking system with these features and Flight School Booking provided all these services, plus more we didn’t know we needed!