Laura Hughes, Compton Abbas Airfield

Compton Abbas Airfield logoFlight School Booking has made our admin one hundred percent easier! All our student records, licence and medical dates, reporting, billing in one place PLUS our students and solo hirers are so happy to be able to book lessons remotely. Instructors can also log in from home and see their schedule and student notes from home which makes the whole operation much smoother.

The safety reporting system is a great feature; and we can also keep a better track of our maintenance scheduling as it is all online and alerts us when we are needing a check. I would highly recommend the system to any other flying club. The support received in setting up the system and ongoing has also been great for us and has been invaluable in getting the most out of the system itself.

Laura Hughes
Compton Abbas Airfield
January 2021

1940’s Boeing Stearman flight experiences are available from Compton Abbas Airfield