Web based flight bookings

Want to spend less time "doing admin" and more time in the air? Save time and money by automating everything from the booking to filling in the aircraft technical logs, training notes and billing information.

Flight schools and flying clubs often need some kind of booking system for their members. This allows members to make bookings themselves without the need to call the office. This is a complete online flight management system for schools and clubs, and takes care of everything from the initial booking:

  • Booking (including a wait list)
  • Aircraft technical logs
  • Training notes
  • Personal logbooks
  • Member newsletters
  • Voucher sales
  • Follow-up emails


Macbook air and iPhone 6 running the flight booking system
  • Save time, it's easy to use!
  • Fully responsive design.
  • Reduce admin costs.
  • Less chance of errors.
  • Improve compliance.
  • Always working for you. The system monitors each entry, emailing booking reminders, short notice cancellations, missing flight entries, training notes and when aircraft servicing is due.
  • Calendar integration. Every member can keep track of their upcoming bookings on the site or via their own calendar subscription URL.
  • No lock in: export flights, logbooks and training notes in CSV format.
  • Fast member search.
  • Manage all members and instructors in one place.
  • Store contact information such as phone numbers, addresses.
  • Add other information such as license numbers, previous flying experience, next of kin details and more.
  • Create and schedule newsletters to members.