Voucher sales comes to the Silver Plan

Submitted by Mathew Waters on

You might already know Flight School Booking can sell vouchers for air experiences, ground school and so on.

Until now, this has only been available on the Gold Plan. But we're now making that feature available on the Silver Plan.

Having an online store is pretty much essential for successful businesses. Your web site can describe your air experience flights, or land-aways with photos and even videos. Potential new customers can click Buy Now to purchase a voucher straight away.

More and more, customers are buying online. The days of asking people to call the office to buy vouchers are over! So anything we can do to make that process easier is going to bring in more customers.

The voucher itself will need some design work from us to match your own style. Then the system provides links which you can use on any Buy Now buttons you want on your website.

When a customer buys a voucher, the system takes care of the tax invoice and transfers the payment to your bank account (after fees). The customer can add their own message for the recipient and once they have finished, the system creates a new user account. This is the recipient's account which you use when making their booking, collecting their phone number and email address at the same time. That way, if the weather isn't good enough on the day, you or the instructor can quickly tap to call the recipient and re-arrange, straight from their summary page in Flight School Booking.

The feature is available at no additional cost on the Gold Plan, and at 3% (+VAT) for Silver Plan customers.