Booking system changes

Submitted by Mathew Waters on

You'll find new settings under Admin > Bookings.

Sunrise / Sunset

The orginal setting to add time slots if sunset is later than office hours has been extended to allow for removing slots and for an allowance (in minutes). The system can be set to remove slots from the booking form if the slot is during sunset (+ the allowance).

Time slots can follow sunrise and sunset


Until now students and members have been able to cancel their bookings, right up to the start of the booking. They were shown a message if this was within 24 hours of the booking and needed to type a reason. Cancellation emails were then sent to the instructor (for training flights) and the student or member.

Under Admin > Bookings you'll find a new Cancellations tab.

You can now choose how many hours in advance of the booking people can cancel online. After that time (e.g. 24 hours) they would need to call you to cancel. You can also specify what counts as short notice, which is the point at which the system displays a warning and requires a typed reason to cancel.