Prevent stale contact information!

Submitted by Mathew Waters on

Customer information becomes outdated when people move house, or change their phone number or email address. When you give your customers access to the system, they can maintain this information themselves. But it's easy to forget.

User summary tabs now include a Contact information section, which displays a warning if the user is missing an email address, postal address, phone number or next of kin.

Warning is shown to users missing contact information

To help prevent this information from becoming outdated, you can set a reminder for users to check their contact details are current. To do this, add a new follow-up job under Admin > Reminders and follow-ups. You will find it under Operational > Verify contact details.

The system keeps track of the time the user record was last saved, at which point the assumption is the information has been checked and any changes made. If this follow-up job is added, and (say) 12 months passes without any changes, the system will email the user. Only users who are allowed to log in, and are either instructors, students or members (+ associates) will receive the email.