Create your own user groups

Submitted by Mathew Waters on Thu, 11/06/2020 - 10:48

Thanks to one of our existing customers for this suggestion!

If you've used the system to manage your customers, you will already be aware of the built-in roles available. When setting up your users I expect you will have picked "Student" or "Member" for most of them, and perhaps a few people as "Office Staff".

You can now define your own roles (i.e. groups of users).

How could you use it?

You could create a role called "Enquiry" and use this when people get in touch. It provides a useful way of quickly adding a new user who you can follow-up with later. When creating a new user, you only need to fill in their name, email address and pick your "Enquiry" role. Everything else is optional. With their permission of course, you can then make use of the newsletter system to target prospective customers, perhaps with an offer they can't refuse!

Another way to use this feature could be to keep a record of invoices and payments where your customer is not on the system. Perhaps you operate a small shop and occasionally sell to the public. You might create a role called "Shop", and add each customer to your list before creating an invoice for them to pay. This could be a useful way of keeping in touch with past customers. And for anyone not wishing to be contacted, you can still fallback on a special "Shop" user if you've set one up.

You can find this new feature under the People tab. I hope you like it!