How do I make a booking for a member?

As an instructor or office staff, you can make a booking for anyone. To do this, use the People tab and search for a member by name (or email address). Once found, click on their name to view their account page. Their Bookings tab shows the bookings they already have in the system, and you can add a new one simply by clicking + Make a booking.

Members can make their own bookings if you give them access to the system. For a member to make their own booking, locate their account page as above, click the Edit tab to set up their details and check the following settings:

  • Can the user access the site? Set this option to allow the user to log in.
  • Roles. Make sure the 'Member' or 'Student' role is checked.
  • Membership renewal date. Set this to a date in the future when their membership expires.


When a user is created or you give them the ability to access the site, you can also use the system to send a welcome email. This contains instructions about how to set up their password. They can then log in and make bookings themselves. We have a separate online user guide for members, which explains how to get started.