How to make overnight bookings (or longer!)

Submitted by Mathew on Thu, 28/07/2016 - 16:18

Instructors and office staff can now make bookings spanning several days instead of hour slots!

But don't worry, members and students are still limited to same day bookings, which allows you to keep tabs on aircraft availability. You can make the booking for the member if you authorise their request for an overnight booking.

This might benefit you if you hire aircraft for longer periods. It will also help if a group of people hire the aircraft for (say) a week with more than one pilot flying.

To make a longer booking, select a time slot for the start of the booking as normal. Then click Edit and change the booking as shown in the example screenshot below.

Long booking being made

The booking is linked to the member, meaning only they have the ability to book out as pilot. The next change will add the ability for a booking to be changed such that anyone can book out. This means group flying events can be accommodated, with one booking to cover the whole event, and each pilot able to book out and add their flight details.

We hope you like the changes, stay tuned for more updates!