How to sell remote ground school vouchers

Submitted by Mathew Waters on Thu, 23/04/2020 - 12:01

Would you like to offer remote ground school sessions? Using the system, it is now possible to set up a voucher for use as ground school training. The billing system handles the invoicing and tax for you, and once you provide the training session, it marks the voucher as used. Nowadays people are using remote working systems such as Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. But you could deliver a course as a one to one session over Skype or FaceTime.

Some of you may already know Ben Atkinson from his day job at Heart Radio in Bristol. He has his own YouTube channel called "Learning to Fly" and recently got in touch with another good idea. His latest video is about improving your radio calls. Mathew, our developer, and Ben both fly from Kemble Flying Club in the U.K. and he wondered whether it would be possible for them to offer remote training for radio to a wider audience.

After a few days of tweaking, the system now allows you to sell ground school vouchers as well as standard air experiences and courses.

As an example, see how the page "Ground school vouchers" turned out. Within about four hours of Ben's video going live, Kemble had already sold their first radio session voucher.

Food for thought!