Day view booking form changes

Submitted by Mathew Waters on Mon, 11/05/2020 - 15:18

What if you could choose between Day View and List View?

Bookings tab

We've heard a few times that people prefer to use the Day view for getting an overall view on the bookings. The List view is more powerful as it can be filtered to show cancellations, or waiting bookings. But as a list it is harder to read at a glance.

So after another comment about this, we felt we had to make a setting so you can choose which screen you'll see when you click on the main Bookings tab. To do this, go to Admin > Making bookings and you'll find the option under Settings.

Popups on Day View bookings

While on the subject of bookings, the Day view has been improved after a suggestion from someone using one of the trial systems. When you hover the mouse over a booking you should see more details, such as shown below.

Hover over a booking to show the tooltip

This only works on a computer because touchscreen devices do not have the concept of hovering over anything. Plus the popup is only visible to instructors and office staff. But we think it's an improvement on the old page, would you agree?