New billing report: Customer Summary

Submitted by Mathew Waters on

Those of you using the Sales by Customer report will notice quite a big change the next time you run it.

The previous version of this report showed the net sales for each customer invoiced in the report's date range.

The new report still contains this information and more. It has now been expanded to show the following information for each customer:

  • Debt brought forward
    The customer's debt at the start of the report, with a positive amount indicating money owed to the school.
  • Gross sales
    New sales (minus any credits) including tax. A positive amount indicates overall sales and therefore an increase in the customer debt owed.
  • Payments
    Payments (minus any refunds) received from the customer over the period, from Stripe or entered manually as adjustments. A positive amount indicates receipts from the customer and reduces their overall debt.
  • Overall (Sales - Payments)
    Sales minus payments; the overall change in customer balance owed.
  • Debt carried forward
    The customer's debt at the end of the report.


The report's name did not quite fit after these changes, so you will find it listed under its new name "Customer summary".