Integration with QuickBooks, Xero and more

Submitted by Mathew Waters on Sat, 14/11/2020 - 16:26

Some schools have asked about closer integration between Flight School Booking's billing system and their bookkeeping software. This would save entering each invoice or customer in the bookkeeping package while still having a copy of every transaction. We don't think it's necessary to duplicate this information - see "Simplify your bookkeeping", but if you would still rather keep everything in the books, read on!

Many flying schools use popular packages, such as Xero, QuickBooks and MYOB. But some use less well known packages or even spreadsheets.

There is no agreed standard for transferring information, which means any integration from billing would need to be written for the specific bookkeeping package.


If this all sounds a bit negative, we do have some good news to share!

A new API for financial transactions

Flight School Booking now allows other software to access its billing transactions. This means anyone* could build a system as shown below to transfer invoices and credits direct from Flight School Booking into your bookkeeping package. This can happen automatically overnight, monthly or whenever you like, picking up new transactions and creating corresponding entries in your books.

Flight School Booking to Xero (or QuickBooks, MYOB etc)

* I realise of course this assumes technical knowledge, but if you have the skills to create the software, you can create your own system to fully automate your bookkeeping.

The API (Application Programming Interface) to access financial transactions in Flight School Booking is documented in the manual.

It could be that you - or someone you know - can build this for one of the well known bookkeeping packages. You can make this your own product and sell it if you want to, and if it's suitable for other schools to use, we are happy to help you spread the word.