Keep track of scheduled maintenance

Submitted by Mathew Waters on Mon, 07/09/2020 - 12:01

Another new feature to let you know about!

One of the schools using the system suggested it would be nice to have it keep track of maintenance, from engine and airframe right down to when to replace the fire extinguisher.

The system maintains a log for each aircraft, and each item in the log has a particular 'type' ranging from a flight entry to engine and airframe services and inspections.

Until a couple of days ago you could specify the next due hours when adding a service entry. This was very simple, and far too simple for keeping track of a full maintenance schedule. It did however provide a handy guide for students and members looking to make a booking: they could easily see when an aircraft was coming up or overdue a service.

The old system has now been replaced with a far more capable system, and it looks something like this:

New maintenance schedule screen showing an overdue item

Of course the schedule is up to you: you define the list yourself when setting this up. The above is just an example, but was taken from the real world.

Inside each item you can set when it falls due, by date, engine or airframe hours. A simple traffic light system is used to colour code the items in the list. You pick the thresholds for green, amber and red and the system emails the person named when the threshold passes. You might use the green status as a reminder to order in parts required. Then you could use amber and red to remind you the item is getting near due.

Just after one or more items are completed, click the Complete maintenance button. You then pick which items were completed and add notes. These can (optionally) be added to the aircraft log as a service, annual inspection or just notes. These are visible to students and members and help inform them about any changes to the aircraft they might be flying. I think this is important because if they are flying just after an engine service they might want to inspect the oil filter, spark plug leads etc more thoroughly.

Most items in the maintenance list will be set to repeat, but you can add other things too which can act just as a reminder to get the job done!