Booking out

Booking out

Booking out is recommended and should be done as close as possible to the time of departure.

To book out, find your booking and follow the link to the booking details page. Normally it's easy because if you only have one booking your Summary tab will show it and the button to book out.

How to book out (video)


Book out button shown at the bottom of a booking


Click + Book out and enter the details. The form looks complicated, but much of it is likely to be filled out already and should just need checking. If you forget to book out, simply click the Add flight button when you return from the flight instead.

  • Date and time. Estimate the start time of the flight. The date is pre-filled with today's date and the time is rounded to the next 5 minutes.
  • ETA Return. Choose whether you are returning the same day or a later date then set the time you are due to return.
  • Aircraft. This is usually pre-filled from your booking and cannot be changed.
  • Did you add fuel from the store? If you add any fuel, record the amount in Litres. If not, choose No.
  • Pilot. If you have booked an instructor, they will appear as PIC. Otherwise, select the name of pilot either from the radio buttons or choose Other and type their username.
  • Student. If you have booked an instructor, you will most likely appear as student. If this is incorrect, choose the student name or select None.
  • POB. Persons on board.
  • Destination. If landing away, click Other and type the destination.
  • Set P1 Out. Place a checkmark in this box to mark the flight as started. Effectively the pilot is taking responsibility for the flight at this point until flight details are entered and you set "P1 In".
  • Notes. You can record any notes you like here, such as your planned routing. These will be shown on the Booked Out screen.


When all details are checked, click Book out to complete the booking out process. The system displays the Booked Out Details page showing a summary of the details just entered. Then go and have fun flying!

When returning from a flight, remember to book back in. The system will email a reminder to whoever created the booking out entry, whether pilot or student. To book in, return to the Booked Out Details page.

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Booked out details

Booked out details

After you have booked out, you will see this page to confirm the booked out details. This page is is used to add flight details and book back in after you return from flying.

If you need to reach this page again, you can do so from the original booking or from the Booked out page.

Editing the entry

If there is a mistake in the booking out record, you can edit and re-save. To do this, click the Edit tab. It is possible to edit the record until flights have added. After that, the movement is locked and cannot be changed unless the linked flights are deleted.

How to delete (can do this if not P1 Out)

Deleting the entry

Normally there is no need to delete a movement, you can instead enter an "aborted flight". However, if the flight was booked out by mistake or cancelled while on the way to the aircraft you may wish to delete the movement completely.

To do this, click the Delete tab. It is possible to delete a movement if P1 Out has not been set. Therefore you might first need to Edit the record to un-check P1 Out.

Adding flight details

If the flight is booked out with P1 Out, you can add flight details by clicking + Add flight details as shown below.

Add flight details

Note: It isn't possible to tick P1 In on this screen. Instead you should always book back in by completing flight details.

There may be more than one flight associated with the booking out record. If so, they can all be added one at a time. Each time you return to this page, the previous flights are appended to a list. You can click + Add another flight to add further flights to the record.

Each flight contains an option to close the booking out record. When the details for the last flight are entered this option should be used to book back in. This sets P1 In and prevents the flights and the booking out record from being changed or deleted. You will notice the tabs on this page disappear altogether.

For information about how to complete the flight details, see Entering flight details.


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Booked out page

Booked out page

The 'Booked out' page shows all booked aircraft currently booked out. To open the page, click the Booked out tab shown in the primary links (main navigation) area.

The list is useful if...

  • You arrive for your booking and find the aircraft has not returned. The list shows who last booked the aircraft out, the destination, number on board and their ETA Return (estimated time of return).
  • You booked out, returned from flying and need to enter flight details. Clicking the entry under the time column displays the Booked out details screen.
  • You want to check to see if any flights have been left booked out by mistake. Members should enter flight details in order to "book back in". If this step is forgotten, the aircraft will appear as booked out. Instructors may use this screen to make sure all flights are recorded. The system will also send a reminder to whoever booked the flight out a short time after the ETA Return.


By default the page shows aircraft that have been booked out and have not returned. But it is possible to filter the list to show all aircraft movements, movements for a particular aircraft and movements between certain dates.

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