Can one booking be used by more than one pilot?

Submitted by Mathew on Sun, 31/07/2016 - 16:20

Yes, certain bookings can be used by more than pilot.

Here is some background on the problem we've attempted to solve.

Flying For Freedom have been busy training at our local flying school, Kemble Flying Club. In partnership with Help for Heroes, they are planning to fly across Antarctica to the South Pole in microlight aircraft. The pilots taking part in the expedition are eight wounded and injured servicemen who will fly in open cockpit 'flexwing' microlights. This has never been attempted before - able-bodied or not - and we wish them all the very best in their challenge.

To train and raise awareness, the group have toured the UK two years running, each trip lasting around 2-3 weeks. During this time they wanted to use the system to book the aircraft for the whole time they would be away, while allowing any of the pilots in the group to fly as P1. Sadly, at the time the system was not able to do this without booking each flight separately or giving someone on the trip an 'instructor' role. We have now improved it ready for the next trip!

The normal process is this:

     1. Booking > 2. Book out > 3. Enter flight details.

1. The booking reserves an aircraft and prevents anyone else from booking it. We have recently updated the system to allow instructors and office staff to book an aircraft overnight. This is achieved by booking the first time slot in the normal way, then editing the booking to change the finish time.

2. Booking out starts the process of entering details of a flight. At this point the aircraft, pilot, student (or passenger) are linked to the flight. Normally, only the member shown in the booking or their instructor can book the aircraft out. However, to allow other pilots to book out, edit the booking and set the option "who can book out?" to anyone.

3. At the end of the flight, the full details are entered, including the actual start and end times, number of landings and so on. The flight should be manually booked in to allow another pilot to book their flight out later. The pilot and aircraft logbooks are updated with new flight information automatically.


When a booking is changed in this way, it appears on everyone's My bookings tab (but does not affect their calendar). Pilots should of course be careful to check the details before they book out, to check they are booking out for the correct aircraft.

An aircraft can now be booked for the whole two week trip. Before each flight, the pilot acting as P1 can log in, find the booking on their My bookings tab and click to check the booking details. They can then book out the flight, and later fill in the flight details.

We hope you find this improvement useful!