This is our general news and announcements page.

Waiting List

Have you ever wanted to book an hour someone else has already booked? What if they cancelled their booking; wouldn't you like to know?

We thought it would be nice if the system could keep track of which slots you'd like to book and could let you know if they become available. This really only applies to students and members because instructors will generally want to guarantee their bookings with students can go ahead.

Message displayed when a booking clashes with another booking

User Privacy

As a student or member looking to make a booking, you may have seen "Busy" in the booking form. When you see this, it means someone has booked these slots, and they have not opted in to be contacted by other members.

Booking form showing "busy"

Adding notes before a flight

In some circumstances you might want to add some additional notes when booking out. This is an optional text field, and you can use it for any purpose you like. For example, you might want to give additional information about your intended route or include your total fuel on board.

The Booked Out screen shows all aircraft currently booked out.

Flying in someone else's aircraft?

If you fly in someone else's aircraft - perhaps when you revalidate a pilot's license - you probably want to record this in the booking system. But you won't want to create an aircraft record for use just once, or clutter the system with aircraft details you don't use regularly.

Can one booking be used by more than one pilot?

Yes, certain bookings can be used by more than pilot. Here is some background on the problem we've attempted to solve. Flying For Freedom have been busy training at our local flying school, Kemble Flying Club. In partnership with Help for Heroes, they are planning to fly across Antarctica to the South Pole in microlight aircraft. The pilots taking part in the expedition are eight wounded and injured servicemen who will fly in open cockpit 'flexwing' microlights. This has never been attempted before - able-bodied or not - and we wish them all the very best in their challenge.

How to make overnight bookings (or longer!)

Instructors and office staff can now make bookings spanning several days instead of hour slots!

But don't worry, members and students are still limited to same day bookings, which allows you to keep tabs on aircraft availability. You can make the booking for the member if you authorise their request for an overnight booking.

This might benefit you if you hire aircraft for longer periods. It will also help if a group of people hire the aircraft for (say) a week with more than one pilot flying.

Improvements to instructors availability

We've been working on some changes to how your instructors set their availability!

Currently the system assumes instructors are available for a set pattern of hours. Instructors can set their default working hours for each day of the week. But what if your instructor is only available at odd times that don't follow a regular pattern?

Celebrating go-live for our first customer!

Kemble Flying Club, based in Cotswold Airport has become the first to use our newly developed booking system! Together with the club owner, David Young, we set a "go-live" date of 25 April 2016.